vikend sporta slijepih 2014.
In Banja Luka on 19th of October 2014 was held X jubilee international sporting event in bowling and Golbal for blind and visually impaired persons named Weekend of sports. At competitions in both sports disciplines participated 85 competitors from the following countries: Bosnia and Hercegovina, Serbia, Croatia and Montenegro.
On Tuesday, October 14th 2014, representatives of the Blind nion attended XIII Forum of associations and organizations of persons with disabilities and other organizations in disability movement. Forum was organized under the theme "Necessary services in comunity as precondition of independent living of persons with disabilities", and organizers were IC "Lotos" in partnership with HO "Partner" and "and Center for independent living "Treshold" Helsinki. 
On Saturday,  10/11/2014. in the sports hall in Srbac was held 7th Team Championship in Golbal of Republic of Srpska. Participating teams were from Banja Luka, Derventa, Gradiska, East Sarajevo, Prnjavor Srpca and Zvornik. 
Regarding International day of white cane and 22 years of work, on Friday, October the 10th, the Blind Union of Republic of Srska held a consultation of managemenent of local organizations of the blind and visually impaired. Consultation was held under the name of: "Perspectives of development of organizations of the blind in RS" and was attended by around 400 managers of 15 city, municipal and local organizations of the blind.
Last weekend, from 19 to 21 September in Bar was held 22nd session of Balkan Consultative Committee of the European Blind Union.