Representatives of the Blind Union at the Forum of the associations and organizations of persons with disabilities

On Tuesday, October 14th 2014, representatives of the Blind nion attended XIII Forum of associations and organizations of persons with disabilities and other organizations in disability movement. Forum was organized under the theme "Necessary services in comunity as precondition of independent living of persons with disabilities", and organizers were IC "Lotos" in partnership with HO "Partner" and "and Center for independent living "Treshold" Helsinki. 
The speakers of the Forum reviewed the availability of support services for independent living, such as personal assistance services, accessibility to public transportation, affordable education, employment, housing. The speakers emphasized the need for organizations of persons with disabilities, and individuals that gather, to be strongly involved in advocating their rights. Since Bosnia and Herzegovina is not consistently applied guidelines of the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, as cited reports of individual organizations, keynote speakers emphasized the need to launch lawsuits against the government, to ensure written evidence of contempt of the rights of persons with disabilities.
Although the forum discussed about compensation for care and assistance of another person and the problems of determining the degree of disability, the focus is still placed on support services for independent living.